måndag 26 juli 2010


Jesus in the Holy Eucharist,
For Your endurance, we give You thanks,
And pray for the grace to amend.

Jesus in the Holy Eucharist,
May we not sin, to give You joy,
And bring peace to us in life.

Jesus in the Holy Eucharist,
True to Your name, you are holy,
Let this world remain Your own.

Jesus in the Holy Eucharist,
We need pardon, for we have sinned,
Forgive us we pray O Lord.

As You hung on the Cross, O my God,
The Red Dragon, did boast to You,
To reign forever on earth.

Little did he know that Your kingdom,
Is forever, and has no end,
Red Dragon should mourn his shame.

May Your kingdom reign ev’where on earth,
As in heaven, before the just,
And unjust who know You not.

Let us all give Jesus comfort now,
That we may be, most joyful for,
All His handiwork in the world. Amen.

(hämtad från http://www.preciousbloodinternational.com/prayerbook2008.pdf)