måndag 22 december 2014

Novena till Jesusbarnet av Prag, dag 7

On your breast, Child Jesus, shines a Cross. It is the standard of our redemption. I also, o Divine Saviour, have my cross, that, although light, very often weighs me down. Help me to bear it and may the carrying of it be fruitful. You well know how weak and worthless I am.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father

By your divine Infancy, o Jesus, grant me the grace that I now ask I (express it) if it is according to your will and for my true good.Do not look upon my unworthiness, but rather on my faith and show me your infinite mercy.

Hymn of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

O Jesus, it is sweet to remember you
true joy of the heart,
but sweeter than honey, than anything
is your presence.

It is the most delightful song
the most joyous to the ear,
it is the sweetest thought,
Jesus, Son of God.

Hope of the repentent,
benign with him who asks,
good with him who seeks,
how could one describe finding you?

The spoken word cannot describe,
nor the written word express,
only he who has experienced can believe
what it is to love Jesus.

O Jesus, be our joy
and one day be our eternal rest;
in you is our glory
now and forever. Amen.

V. Blessed be the name of the Lord
R. Now and forever.


O God, who has appointed your only begotten Son as Saviour of the human race, and wished that he be called Jesus, grant us to be able one day, to contemplate him face to face in heaven whose Holy Name we venerate on earth. Amen.